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Topical guides and social bookmarking
18 January 2006 00:06

I've often thought about creating my own scripture study application that would allow me to assign any topic (keyword, category, tag) to any general conference talk, or to any scripture reference. In that sense I could then build my own personal topical guide to the scriptures and to the words of the servants of God.

At work earlier today I started using to tag some interesting Perl Modules that I had found and wanted to remember. So I created some tags that I will start adding to the CPAN pages for all these modules I'm finding. Then I can simply go to and see a list of all the Perl Modules I want to remember.

What does have to do with building a topical guide to scriptures and talks? Well, tonight while reading through a talk, and being distracted for a moment to look something up on, my little brain that loves to form associations connected the two. I can use to build my topical guide! I can start tagging the urls of pages that contain conference talks, BYU speeches and references from Then to search my topical guide, I just do a lookup on the tag/topic in question. I love being able to tie things together in easy ways like this!

The only problem I see at this point is that only lets me use one word tags (space-delimited parsing), but I can think of several topics for which I'd want to use two words, such as "self reliance." Are there other social bookmarking sites out there that allow multi-word tags?


On 28 January 2006 05:17 Richard K Miller wrote:
You might try, which is a brand new bookmarking service I saw. Their service is by invite only, but I entered my email address into their site and got an invite pretty fast. uses the comma to separate tags, so "self reliance" works fine there. There is also, which I think is the academic alternative to It can save a copy of the entire page you've tagged, so if it's a news article that might disappear in a few weeks you'll still have it. I personally still use and love I agree that your vision for a tagged version of the scriptures would be very nice. I'd be interested to hear any developments on this idea in the future.

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